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15 years of focus on gear reducersWe meticulously create each gearbox

Chinese Dream · Craftsman's MoodOnly with craftsmanship can one live up to the hearts of the people

Changzhou Zhirui Mixing Technology Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise that integrates research and development, production, and assembly. The company has advanced machining centers, gear grinding machines, and various CNC processing equipment, with comp

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Perfect quality and craftsmanship to create our own brand

Six Customization Features

Quality comes from focus

Craftsmanship quality

Provide a complete set of customized solutions based on product usage, improve product quality, and save comprehensive costs

Directly supplied by the manufacturer

Our company's product quality is reliable, meeting the needs of customers for large quantities of goods

Product testing

Our company's products have all passed internal testing, and customers can choose with confidence

Support mixed batch

The product quality is good and supports on-demand selection. Welcome to purchase

Fast Shipping

Sufficient supply of goods for fast shipment to meet your needs for goods

After sales guarantee

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Subsequent deep processing equipment for steel pipes

Customized production


6 Advantages: Customized Production of Reducers

We work together with you to develop and deepen strategic cooperation

  • scale
  • cost
  • produce
  • inspection
  • serving
  • attestation
  • Complete specifications and stable supply cycle

    Advanced equipment and digital managementFour major environmental impact assessment indicators: exhaust gas, wastewater, noise, and solid waste

    The pickling workshop is fully enclosed,5th floorAdopting a sales philosophy of win-win cooperation and win-win situation.

    We have a complete and mature employee system training, supervision mechanism, and management system.

  • High end quality, mid range price

    50%+Excellent product quality and high cost-effectiveness20+Country;

    While meeting your product needs, we design a comprehensive plan for the reducer and subsequent processing and manufacturing to ensure quality while saving you comprehensive costs.

  • Scale production with strong research and development capabilities

    11 person R&D technical teamContinuous annual output value per year1% R&D investment

    Having a complete full process production lineVarious testing equipment, including piercing, pickling, precision rolling, cold drawing, straightening, as well as flaw detection, tensile testing, and machining;

    Fully automatic CNC heat treatment equipment, precise temperature control up to±2℃。

  • Strict quality inspection to ensure quality

    Selected round steel, with a quality assurance certificate for each batch of round steel;

    Each batch of products has passed internal testing by the company, allowing customers to purchase with confidence30+inspection processes, 60+quality inspection parameters;

    Having a complete set of comprehensive testing systems and equipment

  • Housekeeping style service, regular follow-up

    The technical team effectively solves various problems during product use and provides comprehensive technical support;

    One on one documentary VIP styleService experience, ensuring regular follow-up and tracking of product usage.

  • Quality System Certification, Safe and Reliable

    national standardJG/T163-2013 "Sleeves for Mechanical Connection of Steel Bars"Having international ISO 9000 certification

    Having CCC certificationISO9001;

    Possess quality system certification in the automotive industryTS16949。

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